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Should you Trade with Boss Capital?

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Binary Options, Finance | Comments Off

Regardless of being in the market for over a year, Boss Capital has managed to create a stir when it comes to the circles of binary options.


boss logoBoss Capital made a grand entry into the overpopulated and congested brokerage market of 2014. The team came up with a refined approach in the binary options trading. The uncluttered and uniquely clean trading platform has been the result of the efforts put in by the company.


The trade experience with Boss Capital is unique with the elimination of unnecessary fillers. The company just looks into what is necessary and required.


Boss Capital is an epitome of action. The entire trading platform has been crafted by keeping various binary options in mind. The traders are offered various trading options: One Touch Trade, Call/Put Trade, Short Term and High Yield Trade and Boundaries. Most newcomers are attracted to the 60-second trade which offers fastest results. The interface isn’t messy and cluttered. Newcomers have grip over the market and it is one of the easiest platforms in the market.



Advanced binary options are offered to first-time traders by Boss Capital. The Bronze Account is an entry-level account which requires the trader to deposit $1,000 as minimum deposit. The VIP account requires a minimum investment of $100,000. To initiate the trading process a minimum of $250 needs to be deposited into the trading account. All the members have access to the Educational Academy. VIP accounts, however, get preferential treatment with the personal account managers.

boss register

1.      Initial Deposit: $200-$1000

2.      Bonus:20%

3.      Standard monthly withdrawal limits

4.      Access to webinars and account manager/personal analyst

1.      Initial Deposit: $1001-$4000

2.      Bonus Amount: 40%

3.      Quick Withdrawals

4.      Access to personal analyst/account manager, trading webinars and risk free trades

1.      Initial Deposit: $4,001-$5,000

2.      Bonus: 65%

3.      Convenience of same day withdrawals, access to account manager/personal analyst, access to trading webinars

4.      80% fixed payouts, 5 risk free trades

5.      Backed by 24/7 VIP support services


1.      Initial Deposit: $5,001 and above

2.      100% bonus

3.      Personalized services

Mobile App

As of now, Boss Capital doesn’t offer any app for binary options. The website has, however, been optimized so that traders can easily access it from mobile devices.

Informative Resources

The Boss Capital offers the best resources on the binary options in the market with its Educational Academy. Though, it lacks experience it can compete with all existing brokers with its deeper, richer and comprehensive content offered at the Academy. High-quality video tutorials, webinars and exclusive eBooks are offered to members having trading accounts at all levels.

Customer Service

Boss Capital offers a high level experience when it comes to a binary options customer care team. A 24/7 team takes all the pleasure in dealing with the traders. Uncharacteristically fast response time and query resolving times makes it really stand out. Support is offered to the traders in eight major languages.


Had this company been in the market for years, it would have demonstrated impressive accomplishments. Considering it has only been around for a year, it has seriously set a bench mark for the new entrants in the binary options market. This relatively new player is being backed by experienced veterans from the industry and is well funded. Operating as an offshore broker, Boss Capital accepts traders from all locations except USA and Japan. The trading experience offered us fantastic and exceptional. With the Binary Options market becoming challenging with each passing day, Boss Capital is one of the best offshore brokers being operated by the experienced individuals and has the right infrastructure.




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How to Profit with Binary Options Signals 

Posted by on Oct 15, 2015 in Binary Options, Finance | Comments Off

The concept behind the Binary Options Signals is not that hard to be understood.  The binary options signals can be considered like the recommendation from the experts on how to make profits in trading with binary. Normally, the signals are like professional recommendation of the traders who do not have the necessary skills in conducting analysis of the financial assets on their own.  They are being generated using a simple rule for which the trader can only implement the results in his trading interface.

There are many factors that are being considered while doing the trading. It is always hard to predict the future with precision.  Even if the binary option has made it simple for people to trade by being only technical through loading in the browser and choosing the direction and assets, what happens behind the financial analysis is not something that can be understood easily.

ss1Financial markets are normally unpredictable and volatile. This is always expected and this is why many industry people try to explain how the prices are related to the fundamentals and how they are being formed.  It is hard to predict for sure what will happen and if this was the case, binary options will no longer be meaningful for the brokers and traders.

To decide on the Binary Options Signals to send, there are two basic tools to use and they are technical and fundamental analysis. The fundamental analyses are based on the look of the long term determinants of the growth like the price earnings ratio with the liquidity analysis.The technical analysis is based on the idea that different patterns may be discovered through the graphs and it tells about how the future moves the price.

To be able to understand and also to implement the two types of the analysis, there is a need to have enough experience. However, ordinary traders are not able to do this because of not having enough time.  This is why they outsource the trading expertise from other traders. These other traders are professional and experts that have huge experience.

They are able to create some possible scenarios and they can make the recommendations. Such recommendation can be done in different ways. It can be through sending the computer instructions, simple textual explanation or having a form where the signals may be fed directly in the trading system.

ss2If the Binary Options Signals are just textual signals, the trader need to just copy data in a trading system and to do a trade according to such signals.  In case it is a computer instruction for which the providers of the binary options do use, all that it is required is just clicking at a button of the system and to place the trade at once.


When the binary signals have been fed directly in the trading system, this is what it is known as auto trading. However  not every binary broker is compilable with auto trading systems. You can auto trade system and signals with Boss Capital, CTOption and Banc de Binary. The binary options signals with the binary auto trading platforms are being followed by the professional traders every day.  It can be either free or you may pay for the services to get more profitable signals.

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Forex Binary Options

Posted by on Sep 17, 2015 in Binary Options, Finance, Forex | Comments Off

011Binary options are vastly used in the trade markets. These options have to possible outcomes. Either payoff that means the trader has got benefit using these options or getting nothing in return. The element of risk is very low in binary options. Traders by investing their assets and stocks in binary options, lower the element of risk in their trade. Either the traders benefit a lot using the binary options or get nothing in return but the amount invested remains safe. In binary markets, the traders invest a fixed amount of stock, commodity or cash. There are only two outcomes whether the trader wins a fixed amount or loses only a fix amount of his asset or stock. There in binary options there is only one decision to made, whether to sell or retain the invested amount. The rate of assets and stocks in the binary options market varies with the price rates of the global market.

Certain Types of trading in Binary Options

There are many types of binary options that prevail in a stock market. The high-low binary options mostly prevail in the market. In high-low options, the traders may lose more than they have earned. But a risk factor is involved and if the stocks or assets are traded with a higher percentage of precision, the trade can increase the profitability margin sharply. Another type of binary options is the known reward and risk options. Adopting this technique, the traders save themselves from excessive loss. The profit margin is fixed and so is the loss margin. The merchants of the stock market trade their assets or stock accordingly. A type of binary options is when the profit margin is high then the risk factor. These are usually paid out binary options. In these binary options, the traders of the stock market either gain a fixed amount of monetary benefit or get nothing in return of their investment but the invested amount is not lost rather it stays safe.

Advantages of Binary Options

010There are several advantages of trading binary options. As the binary options involve a higher risk factor so they have a high return value on they investments. The greatest advantages of trading binary options are that a fixed reward and a fixed risk is involved. If you are trading in binary options and you lose the invested amount there are still chances that you may get some reward than getting nothing. Although through binary options higher outputs can be obtained but if some traders are unable to acquire that amount and lose the invested amount there are still many chances that they can get some rewards and outputs as a result of their investments. Due to this behavior the trading in binary options appeals the traders more. There are many binary options brokers you can use. It’s a good practice to research a broker before starting to trade. Here is a Porter Finance review for a example.

Binary Options in Forex

The trading in binary options has quicker turnover ratio. You can earn the profit quickly, unlike the traditional trade markets where you wait for days to get the amount of reward. Moreover, trading in binary options are free trading floors. There are no fees or commission type charges. In addition to this, you can trade a variety of assets. Trading with various assets allows the traders to control the factor of risk involved in the trade. Forex Markets also trade in binary options. It is very easy to trade in binary options through Forex. As the forex markets remain open 24-hours a day and you can trade easily at any time. Online binary options trades in Forex markets are a great way for the beginners to get a head start in the stock market.

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Perform Binary Trading Using Binary Option Robots

Posted by on Aug 11, 2015 in Finance | Comments Off

If you want to perform trading in a profitable manner, then binary option robot is the best automated software. Such software performs trading automatically using trading indicators obtained through changes in prices of different tradable assets. It is very easy to operate and no previous knowledge or experience is required to operate it. There are many companies, who came up with binary robots and which are compatible with wide range of operating system and devices like android smart phones, tablets, and ios tablets, mobiles, Mac book, laptop, computer, etc. Thus, trading can be performed from any system from any place and even in your absence on the basis of the rules preset by you.

Working of binary option robots

Its working is very simple and a newcomer can easily trade through this software that too with informed decision. Actually, software works on the basis of the updated market trends and movement in prices available, which are regularly provided to the system in the form of put or call signals. Thus, the system suggest you the best assets for investment, appropriate price for performing put or call options, also provides profitable strategies for long term or short term investment and return on it. Also, the system allows you to set rules of trading as per your requirements and so robots perform all actions automatically which proves profitable for you and are as per the current market trends.

Elements in software

Software comprises of numbers of elements which make it flexible and most convenient tool for trading. You can find wide range of tradable assets and it can be selected very easily from the available list. You can also find options of selecting broker, trading system, type of assets, its expiry date, trading amount, trading number and many more.

binary options trading software

 Even you can go for either manual or automatic trading, so can either allow system to perform trading or set your own rules. Moreover, all transactions and trading done through robot software is safe and secure and thus no risk of losing your money. Also, you can get updates regarding current market conditions, which help you to take informed decision and can gain good returns on investment. The system also provides you continuous signals about favorable put or call options.

How to get started with Binary option robot?

There are large numbers of software available in the market and each has varying login requirements. Some are downloadable version in which you have to download and install software to use it, while some of the software requires just registration or login to get started and can be done online. For login, you need to open an account by providing required personal information. After successful login and registration, you can start trading in no time.

Other facilities

binary options 20The software also has options of VIP account and demo account. If you are new to trading and don’t want to risk your money, then you can first practice trading using demo account. In this facility, no real money is involved and you can get chance to trade in real market. Thus as you get experienced, you can start trading with real money. And, if you are highly involved in trading and have earned more profits through trading, then you are eligible for getting access to VIP account. It gives access to full benefits and services, which are not availed to normal account holders. Many added advantages are provided to VIP account holder in terms of percentage of profit and more trading options, thus enables VIP account holder to earn more returns.

Thus for safer, secure, profitable and timely trading, binary option robots are the best tool and can select any software as per your needs.

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Do I need good Education for Forex Trading?

Posted by on Jun 18, 2015 in Finance, Forex, Forex Education, Forex trading | Comments Off


Forex market is a bit different than other markets, and it offers many different opportunities to all the traders who trade on it. All day long, twenty four hours a day, it connects powerful world centers, and gives us the ability to trade with huge flexibility. That means that we are able to leverage as much as we want, no matter little or a big leverage. Now, after telling you all of that, we also need to ad that this type of trading comes with huge risks, because the trades can loose all of his money in it if he is not being careful enough. Unlike with other trading, this one is even more dangerous, since it depends on your calculation and predictions for the markets. There were many traders out there who thought that Forex is a piece of cake, only to discover that it’s not that simple. You don’t just buy items low and sell them high, because if something is low today, who is to say that it will be high tomorrow? Maybe it will be even lower.

In order to know when the prices go up or down, you need a good education. With good education come good teachers who try to explain the future traders how to trade in all the market conditions. They also teach then the proper terminology, as well as the advanced strategies in trading and execution variables. A good teacher also publishes articles regularly, and posts webinars online, for his students to read, as well as other people who are interested in the topic. This type of training is very important if you wish to become a better trader and get into some harsher training environment.


One thing that the future traders need to learn is the fact that the prices move more quickly in the Forex market than they do in any other. This happens due to the market and the fact that it never closes. Also, this happens because the currencies and their values depend on various macroeconomic trends in the world. This type of a market provides great volatility for both the retail and the institutional traders, and this exact volatility can be pretty obvious whenever some of the huge data announcements are spoken.

Also, Forex market has these things called the Non-fund payrolls, and they are traditionally big movers in this market. They get published every last Friday of the month, and they tell how many job ads were there in the field of economy in the past month, in the United States of America. This overview is the first gaze of the last month by the market, and it is this thing that usually brings that huge volatility not just to the US market, but to the markets all over the world. When these publications get out, they tend to make the prices move in a very high pace. Volatility gets bigger and bigger, and sometimes even the traders cannot realize what exactly is going on on the market, and especially those why are not well educated. That is why, during your education, you will be taught to pay attention to the Economic calendar.

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Forex Education

Posted by on Apr 3, 2015 in Finance, Forex Education | Comments Off

The Forex market offers a lot of opportunities to traders. For 24 hours a day. It connects the most powerful centers all over the world, and it offers traders enormous flexibility in being able to leverage as little or as much as they might want. However, these opportunities come with risks of their own, as it is highly possible for a trader to lose all of your trading capital when speculating in any market. And Forex market is no different. Many traders soon find out that being a trader is not as simple as buying low and selling high, because after all, what good does buying low do for a person doing the trading, if that strong up trend gets transformed into a strong down trend?


Now, this is where a solid educational foundation comes into play. Good educators try to train the future traders to trade in all market conditions, and offer a curriculum that goes from such simple matters as terminology, and moves all the way to advanced strategy and execution variables. These educators should also regularly publish articles and post webinars on their websites or publications. If a person wishes to take his training to a next level, than this type of education is more than necessary.Forex_education

It is important to note that prices move fast in the Forex market because the market never closes, and also because the value of currencies can be more sensitive to macroeconomic trends in a global sense. The Forex market can offer major volatility for retail and institutional traders. This volatility is the most obvious when the major data announcements get delivered.

Non-fund payrolls are traditionally the big mover in the Forex market. It is published on the first Friday of every month, and it lists the number of job ads in the economy of the United States of America for the previous month. This is often the first look that the market gets on the recently finished month, and it can bring about huge volatility to markets around the world. When these announcements come into play, the prices can move very fast, volatility can increase massively, and things can happen before traders even figure out what’s happening. This is why a trader must pay attention to the Economic Calender, and the best way for him to do that, is by getting a good cherrytrade scam scan.
These were just some of the reasons why Forex education is extremely important to future Forex traders. In order to give you all of them, we would need to write about a 30-page essay. But, the most important thing to know is that a well-educated trader is a better trader, and is a trader who can figure out in good time what is happening in this fast-paced world of Forex market. Forex education can be a solid foundation for a trader, and offer him several choices for decisions in which it may look as if there is only one option to take. So, before getting into the Forex market, make sure you are well-educated on the subject.cms-forex-refresh-0430811-education-hdr

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Advanced Forex Options Course

Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in Finance, Forex | Comments Off

The director of the course is a profoundly experienced subordinate’s expert who had leading positions in various major money related organizations in the United Kingdom and United States. He addresses universally on numerous parts of subordinates and settled wage markets and brings a remarkable specialist’s point of view and understanding to money related preparing in the territories of Risk Management, Derivative Markets etc.

43770475The plan of this course will offer delegates an exhaustive and functional comprehension of money choice valuing and hazards and will clarify how choices can be utilized as a part of directional and non-directional methods, together with their element supporting suggestion.

The project will likewise concentrate on examining, organizing and deteriorating supporting, exchanging and speculation methods using both vanilla and colorful choices. Agents will develop and look at a wide mixture of directional and non-directional methods, define techniques to meet customer introduction administration and different targets, and deteriorate a scope of organized option procedures into their part parts. The effect of changing economic situations on the estimating and execution of these techniques will likewise be inspected.

Specific accentuation is put on the element collaboration between option value determinants, the effect on portfolio danger of higher request danger features of vanilla and intriguing options and their valuing and danger administration. Specific consideration will be put in on higher request instability dangers, and their administration inside arrangement of vanilla and intriguing alternative sorts.

The project will then concentrate on outlandish options and a scope of the all the more ordinarily executed organized FX items and their valuing and danger qualities, so as to comprehend the inspirations and reason for their utilization in an assortment of distinctive supporting and exchanging applications.

The preparation will involve classroom-based showing consolidated with PC based reenactments and activities. The course expect a general comprehension of ‘vanilla’ value subordinate instruments and does oblige fundamental numerical familiarity.

This course has been particularly intended for the profit of:

  • Dealers and merchants
  • Subordinates deals faculty
  • Structures
  • Hazard supervisors and danger controllers
  • Review supervisors
  • Corporate record officers
  • Resource supervisors
  • Corporate treasury staff

The course chief is an exceedingly experienced subordinates expert whose vocation supports an abundance of handy experience, spreading over in overabundance of twenty five years inside the budgetary markets, holding leading positions in various major money related organizations in US and UK.

He cooperated with Morgan Chase inside the Arbitrage exchanging gathering in the United Kingdom and the United States, with obligation regarding administration of premium rate alternative exchanging, showcasing and organizing. He managed derivatives trading options crosswise over European money markets, monetary building, and blend of organized resources. He had general obligation regarding swaps, choices and settled pay portfolio exchanging and danger administration, new item improvement, and corporate and institutional advertising of organized obligation items.


He now counsels and transfers his knowledge globally on all parts of subordinates and capital markets and is profoundly regarded for his functional business methodology, working with business and speculation banks, institutional speculators and fence stock investments chiefs, national banks and other authority foundation.

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